Astro & Covid 19 

COVID 19                                                                                     Richard Schulz

05.07    An analogy: an unusual quake that's moved buildings off foundations.

The external damage appears minimal.  The effective measures of damage, however, are appearing:  deaths, unemployment, food lines at record levels...

04.05    The Planetary transits primarily represent the Global condition, with a subset being human welfare.  Human welfare is largely dependent upon both social and economic variables.  Economically, current Minsky Moment is ongoing.

COVID 19.   Statistically, MMs are "outliers" = the unexpected tsunami that overwhelms all in its path.  The old structures are swept away, cleansed.

Turmoil reigns for awhile.  Then, a revised foundation is laid...over years. 

     Economically, COVID 19 is collapsing general global product demand.  The equity crash (just phase 1, so far) has evaporated trillions of dollars, and millions of jobs.  The cascading effect is just beginning.  Negative GDPs will proliferate. 

     In the US, the $2T relief package gives temporary financial relief, at the cost of increasing debt (loans).  It is not sufficient to spur a recovery.  Global fear and uncertainty will dominate years into the "goring 2020s"

     Socially, in the US, a traumatic shock is occurring, on multiple levels.  This is being underestimated.  Social "security" is being shattered.



06-19  1400:  A dynamic eclipse 6/21. Chiron, Merc, Vesta = negative financial news. 

04-05  1200:  The Lunar TAOs are positive until late Fri.  Also, Venus applies all week to trine Mars, and sextile                              Chiron = very positive sentiment all week, until later Fri trading.

04-02  0700:  Relief, for awhile...

03-31  0730:  3-31 to 4-2 the Moon dominates, opp Mars, Jup, Sat, Plu: negative sentiment = selling.


Epidemiology:  Mortality  US~2%.  Projection for US 2020-21:  >40 mil infections & > 800,000 deaths.  

...The Dutch sewage surveillance system is unique.  It detects both presence & prevalence prior to symptoms.