Schulz on Market Cycles                                                 Richard Schulz

ASTRO  TAO         Transit  Aspect  Oscillator

     TAO is an objective Transit Aspect Oscillator.

TAO is primarily Global Psychological Index.

TAO >Zero & Rising = optimism = beneficial global events/conditions and asset appreciation.

TAO <Zero & Falling = pessimism = adverse global events/conditions and asset devaluation.

     This TAO model was created in 1985, and has a 1:10,000 (p < 0.0001), n = 12,100+, Pearson correlation, TAO with DJIA, 1900 - present.

TAO is 100% objective:

     numbers in = planetary angular separations, applied cosine formula = TAO oscillator out.


TAO 8: 1/ 1/ 1997 to 3/ 31/ 2014    Vertical is yearly.

                TAO 8, red. Quick TAO, blue. Slow TAO, orange.  SP 500, black. SP 500, BLS Inflation Adjusted, light black and the lowest equity cycle on the graph.

8/ 11/ 14:   The TAO 8 is a zeroed oscillator, now falling from its highest peak, yet for all of early 2014 favors optimism. All declines have been brief and bought.  The Russell 2000, frequently a trend leader, has shown the greatest weakness.  And now with the steepening TAO 8 decline will come increased pessimism, depressing events, social unrest, political instability and asset vulnerability.