Schulz on Market Cycles                                                 Richard Schulz

TAO  Charts:



11/18/16      NYSE    TAO     TAO +/-     ME MA

      NYSE (Black) is shown with 3 Primary Astro Oscillators.    TAO (Red on the graph) is the most primary and reliable TAO variation, with greater than 1:10,000 significance back through 1900.  It is a zeroed planetary oscillator, reflecting global psychology.  When above 0, more optimism (risk taking), and when below 0, greater pessimism and caution.  TAO  +/- (Orange) shows the general, long term Optimism/Pessimism factor.  ME/MA (Blue) is less reliable, but worth watching.

     The TAO has been advanced 7 days. 

11/18:  Assessment:   2 +/- weeks of NYSE <5% decline, followed by a sustained year end rally of >5-10%,  into early 2017.