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03-23-19                   TAO  &  NYSE  1900-1940           


     Below is the first of many TAO charts.  It compares the inflation adjusted NYSE, 

1900 through 1940, to both a TAO composite variation and the Jupiter/Saturn TAO.

     The NYSE is only one crude index describing the general global condition.

The TAO:      Transiting Aspect Oscillator

An astro global assessment indicator, similar to but distinct from the Bradley model 

   1)  100% objective, mathematical, astronomic and scientific Transiting Aspect Oscillator

   2)  A real-time, directional astro indicator, now with more than 1:10,000 significance

           a) TAO 9 high/rising brings optimism, social stability and improved material well-being

           b) TAO 9 low/falling reveals pessimism, eroding assets, rising debt, and social instability

     3)  SOMC: Integration of astro, cycles, and technical indicators for global awareness.

Transit Aspect Oscillator:            A Global Social, Psychological and Economic Indicator

       TAO Applications:

        To the best of my knowledge, from Donald Bradley's efforts in the 1960's to the present time, there has not been a published astronomical oscillator correlating real-time, over many decades, with global stock indexes as the TAO does. The study of the mathematical nature of the TAO  and its correlations with multiple realms of human activities has the potential to become a new field of scientific endeavor.
     The three TAO values (short, intermediate, and long term) and trends have statistical reliability and significance, and, therefore, probable predictive value  relative to global stock prices.  The creation of the TAO oscillators has been a 30 year project.    
       The rise and fall of global psychological optimism and pessimism correlate with the rise and fall of global wellness, measured by stock prices. When the TAO is below zero and falling, fear and pessimism dominate, usually manifesting in stock market declines.  When the TAO is above zero and rising, happiness and optimism dominate, synchronistic, statistically, with rising stock market prices.  
      SOMC combines the TAO's intrinsic value with 25+ years of  technical market analysis and developing technical trading systems to time the price movements of the stock and commodity markets effectively. 
      The graph of the aspectarian (that assigns positive and negative numbers to every degree of planetary pair angular separation) is not shown.  This graph (not shown) happens to validate some traditional astrological tenets on the nature of aspects. The TAO, however, is strictly astronomical and mathematical.

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