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Transit Aspect Oscillator  A Global (personal) Psychological and Economic Indicator

       TAO 9 Applications:

        To the best of my knowledge, from Donald Bradley's efforts in the 1960's to the present time, there has not been a published astronomical oscillator correlating real-time with global stock indexes as the TAO 9 does. The study of the mathematical nature of the TAO  and its correlations with multiple realms of human activities has the potential to become a new field of scientific endeavor.
       The three TAO values (short, intermediate, and long term) and trends have statistical reliability and significance, and, therefore, probable predictive value  relative to global stock prices.  The creation of the TAO oscillators has been a 30 year project.   
       The rise and fall of global psychological optimism and pessimism correlate with the rise and fall of global wellness, measured by stock prices. When the TAO 9 is below zero and falling, fear and pessimism dominate, manifesting in stock market declines.  When the TAO 9 is above zero and rising, happiness and optimism dominate, synchronistic, statistically, with rising stock market prices.  
      SOMC combines the TAO 9's intrinsic value with 25+ years of  technical market analysis and developing technical trading systems to time the price movements of the stock and commodity markets effectively.
      The graph of the aspectarian (that assigns positive and negative numbers to every degree of planetary pair angular separation) is not shown.  This graph (not shown) happens to validate some traditional astrological tenets on the nature of aspects. The TAO 9, however, is strictly astronomical and mathematical.  SOMC uses both the TAO 9 and relatively simple mechanical models to time and trade  intermediate and long term.



richardschulz12@yahoo.comRichard Frank Schulz 

07/ 09/ 1950, 1510 est, Detroit, MI, USA 
Bachelor of Science, 1978         

Master of Science, Clinical Psychology, 1987

Transiting Aspect Oscillator:

1)  TAO

2)  Subcription:   Not available currently

     a)  TAO graphs, derivation and use

     b)  To be determined

     c)  Weekly commentary and technical charts

Richard Schulz
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SOMC Purposes:   08/28/18

1)  Publish statistically sound Planetary cycles studies, whether positive or negative correlations

2)  Utilize 30yrs of Astro and Trading experience

3)  Demonstrate ExpO Z and ExpO XX as effective trading tools



10/27: Sharp short-covering Equity rally this week

10/27: Lacksman Achuthan: On the Great Wall of Debt..."Notably, the combined debt of the US, Eurozone, Japan, and

China has increased more than 10 times as much as their combined GDP (growth) over the past year." = defaults loom, Depression.

The Global 'Enjoy now, Pay later,' plan ends, at the steep "We're broke, & default," price.  Global economic turmoil & conflicts, into 2022+.

10/26 0700:  Feb was the initial Bear move.  Jun confirmed for Global ex US.  Oct confirmed for US.

10/8-9-10-11  0700:  Sustained global equity Bear activity.

10/4  0700:  10-4.   Maybe it is "over & out" from today, for equities
9/26  1400:  Volatility:  "Times, they are a changin..."

9/25  0700:  Volatility almost non-existent...

9/13  1400:  UVXY (VIX) is basing = equities to decline, ~Feb 2018 and then some.  An "Event" (Minsky) is due.

9/7    0750: Job cuts trending higher, NFP -50k revisions.  US begins Bear  8/30.  VEU, VGK, VWO Bear from 6/22.

9/6    0900: Year 2022: Up for auction: DJT's 1st orange jump suit, signed, but faded. Tried to wash it; wouldn't come clean.

9/4    0730:  suggesting ~July 1998 (currency) & ~Sep 1929 (extended leverage, debt, trade with tighter FED)

8/30      IT has to start sometime, aka Aug 1929.  The unraveling begins: both political and economic, globally.
8/28      VEU, VGK & VWO are continuing Bears (6/22/18).  & Coming soon to a major index near you,...

8/14      Equities at risk now for several 5% declines into Dec.

8/8    0900:    Global currencies & equities destabilizing.  Eclipse on DJT and Jup/Sat waning 45 aspect, among others.
7/31  0700:    "All the President's Men."    Madoff: "I'm surprised I got away with it so long."    Manafort, ?...

1 - 30 0700:  The eventual 2020-2022+ Depression seems like a vacuous vapor at present  It is on the horizon, however.

1 - 26:  USD usually requires 2+ weeks to form its base, then rally (into a bull...).


The TAO:      An astro economic indicator, similar to but distinct from the Bradley model

     1)  100% objective, mathematical, astronomic and scientific Transiting Aspect Oscillator

     2)  A real-time, directional astro indicator, now with more than 1:10,000 significance

             a) TAO 9 high/rising brings optimism, raises equities, asset values and social stability

             b) TAO 9 low/falling activates pessimism, erodes assets and adds social instability

     3)  SOMC: Integration of astro, cycles, and technical indicators for investment positions

01/23/17:    The W.H.O. ICD-10 Dx Manual:  The US Pres = 5 major Personality disorders: 1) Narcissistic, 2) Histrionic,

                     3) Emotionally Unstable, 4) Paranoid and 5) Dissocial  6) Impulsive       

                           My behavioral assessment:    Politically,   DJT is a global risk.   Economically,  "Con Don" fleeces anyone for personal gain.  

                     DJT's  Dx's are entrenched for life.  For DJT, all "perceived" threats become "real", and are attacked.  Early dementia probable.

NYSE  Hourly  &   ExpO  X                          posted 11/10                                                10/13/17  to 11/09/18 close


Price Trend:  reversed short                               ExpO X short @300, falling = sharp price decline likely.

This week: NYSE sharp drops, selling 1-2 day rallies.


NYSE Bi-daily & ExpO  Z        posted 11/10           Exponential Oscillator, zeroed               12/15/16 to 11/09/18 close


      Price Trend: Weekly & Monthly  Bear.          ExpO Z reversed short @220, falling.

This week:  NYSE  8 day rally finished.  A second leg lower probable, and new lower yearly lows.   .

01/29-02/09/18 initial Bear thrust, 04/03 correction ended.    10/01-10/12 2nd Bear thrust & confirmation.

IWM Bi-Daily  & ExpO X                        posted 11/10                                                           5/16/16 to 11/09/18 close


        Price Trend:  Bear                                                           ExpO  X: reversed short @35 = weak.  

This week: IWM another leg lower, selling 1-2 day rallies.

VEU   &    ExpO  Z   Bi-Daily                            posted 11/10                                               5/16/16  to  11/09/18 close

Price Trend:  VEU, VGK, VWO  Bear markets.                     ExpO  Z reversed short @70 = weak.

This week:    VEU, VGK, VWO  another leg lower of the global Bear.


6/22/18:  Initial Bear designations. 

Preface to Exponential Oscillator Charts

            Daily charts use bi-daily data.           Hourly uses (ct) 0830, 0930, 1030, 1130, 1230, 1330, 1430, 1455.

      98+% of ExpO C values range between +/- 500. 

      The zero line identifies trends, and trends continue until a reversal ~+/- 100 is sustained.   When ExpO C exceeds ~+/- 200 then another guideline is to use the average of the previous 2 pivots for a reversal value.

ExpO Z >< +/- 300  are extreme values and short term reversals are expected.

TAO 8: 1/ 1/ 1997 to 3/ 31/ 2014    Vertical is yearly.

                TAO 8, red. Quick TAO, blue. Slow TAO, orange.  SP 500, black. SP 500, BLS Inflation Adjusted, light black and the lowest equity cycle on the graph.

8/ 11/ 14:   The TAO 8 is a zeroed oscillator, now falling from its highest peak, yet for all of early 2014 favors optimism. All declines have been brief and bought.  The Russell 2000, frequently a trend leader, has shown the greatest weakness.  And now with the steepening TAO 8 decline will come increased pessimism, depressing events, social unrest, political instability and asset vulnerability.

Tactical Trading (very short term)   ExpO XX model   1 to 5 min data  (time frame minutes to days)

postings are  +/-15min delayed                                 

                                                                                                                  Away for Bridge: Tues 1040  &  Thur 0840

11 - 15  1500 cst...S=11.13r   1440 holding    1416 Buying TZA   

 1404 Exiting (a gift) reenter likely      1322  Buying TZA 11.14Limit 1300 tza?

   1236 Exiting  S=59.04r   (0930  stop lowered to 58.78 and held)

   0825 Buying TNA open        0810 after a gap lower open, tna?

                 ETF         Date   Time          Price      Stop   Sel Date  Time        Price         %       Model       

In               TZA          11/15  1416        11.20      11.13        E XX

Exit            TZA          11/15  1331        11.14L                    11/15  1404       11.32           E XX

Exit            TNA          11/15  0830        59.29                      11/15  1236       62.41        5.2      E XX

Exit            TNA          11/14  1305        59.31L                    11/14  1438       61.38        3.5      E XX

Exit            TNA          11/14  1051        60.73L                    11/14  1238       60.12s    - 1.0      E XX

Exit            TNA          11/14  1010        61.65L                    11/14  1014       61.61      - 0.1      E XX

Exit            TNA          11/13  0931        62.48                      11/13  1018       64.85L      3.8      E XX

Exit            TZA          11/13  0848        10.97L                     11/13  0907       11.10        1.2      E XX

  S= Support   R = Resistance    r = rising   f = falling         L = limit   s = stop            

ExpO  T  Tactical  Stats

                                Net%+/--    #      #+  #-     W%  L%    Sum+  Sum-   Ave%+ Ave%--    max draws

2018  TACTICAL  (ytd)      402.0          246    162   84       66     34         442.7    - 40.7       2.7       - 0.5            5.5  4.7  4.1

2017  TACTICAL               174.8          149      81   68       54     46          218.7    - 43.9       2.7       - 0.6           12.1  4.7  3.9

11 - 15 cst                                

                                              ETF  Trading        ExpO  Z  Charts    

ExpO      Exponential Oscillator Trends:   Tactical Trading (holding Hours/Days)

Charts    11-09 close:   NYSE (Bi-daily & Hourly)   IWM   &  VEU  (Bi-daily)  ExpO X & Z Oscillators

                Astro TAO monthly 1900-2020  >10,000 PPM Correlation with stock prices (in process)

TAO       Transit Aspect Oscillators:   Astro scientific indexes.   Transit aspects as they affect global status.

               7/12/18  Eclipse inflicts DJT.   Globally, end Jul/early Aug  Jupiter-Saturn 45 aspect=enhanced negative.

               Global economic & political conflicts escalating into 2020+.  Major restructuring inevitable. =Global Depression.

refer to Notes below charts

11/14 0300:  This weekend: adding the ExpO X hourly IWM.

11/15  Another leg lower begins Fri?